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Every day people leave jobs and accept new ones for many different reasons. If you have just started a new job, chances are you will leave it in the next 4.4 years, in some countries like Malaysia this number is likely to be even lower. So what’s the secret to job switching success?

In my practice as a Coach as well as with my circle of friends I have noticed a trend in how some people look at their current job and consequent impact this has on their next job. People leave jobs because of what they DO NOT want. Of course this might just be happening to the people I personally meet. If you find yourself focusing on what you DO NOT want more often than not, I suggest you stay tuned and find the secrets to job switching success.


It’s easy to focus on the negative

Last weekend a friend shared with me that she is ready to move to another job since she has been with the company for 5 years now. After a few more questions she clarified that the stress of her deadlines was getting too much for her. It’s perfectly understandable that she wants to move, yet the approach of wanting to quit because of stress does not work in her advantage. Earlier this year a client came with a similar question, wanting to leave her new job because she didn’t like the environment, it felt a lot like the job she had just left. Would she have made the choice to leave, she would have created more challenges for herself than necessary. Luckily in our sessions together she decided to stay in her job until she has clarity. What these people have in common is they all come from the same angle of lack: “I don’t like my job so I have to leave”, “My manager shows no respect, so I am going”, “The industry doesn’t provide any opportunities so I’m out” etc. etc.

I truly understand where they are coming from, I have been in their shoes before. And it’s not a bad thing to switch jobs. However, having the focus on what is lacking will bring you exactly that and so you are setting yourself up for failure.

What you focus on grow. What you concentrate on is what you see more of in your life. – Robin Sharma


The impact of a negative Focus

So what’s the problem with knowing what you do not want? There’s actually nothing wrong with knowing what you do not want. Knowing what you DO NOT want will bring you more awareness of what you do want, however focusing on it doesn’t help you towards job switching success. Why? Well, when we focus on what we DO NOT want we basically create more of exactly what we DO NOT want. It’s like driving a motor bike through a tight bend, focus on not wanting to crash into the side curb and that’s exactly where your bike will go. At the dinner table my two year old focuses really hard on not wanting to eat his veggies. Can you guess what ends up on his spoon each time?

The focus on the negative side can be seen in many ways on the work floor. Focus on not wanting a lousy manager and you will see more and more signs of how lousy your manager is. And other people in your environment may turn lousy too. Focus on not wanting unhealthy working hours and you will find yourself working longer than ever before, or constantly being challenged on the hours you put in. Focus on how bad the opportunities are in the ‘industry’ and you will find continuous proof on how bad the ‘industry’ really is.

What we focus on expands, and therefor everything we say we do not want expands at the same rate.


The Secret to Job Switching Success

Let’s set things straight first. If you are ready to move to another job, it’s safe to assume you want to create a better place for yourselves. This better place could be anything from making more money to being respected or getting a different exposure. In other words you want change. This also implies a that you are: responsible to create this change for yourself, to be frank, no one else can or will do this for you.

Below The Secret to Job Switching Success. Take these steps to mentally prepare yourself for the best job for you:

  1. Reverse Your Thinking – List everything you do not want and reverse them to what you DO want.
  2. Recognize What You Have – What do you already have in your current job & environment that really gets you going?
  3. Expand – What can you do today to get more of what you already have? And what can you do today to get more of what you DO want?

The secret to successful job switching is knowing what you DO want. It will give you more control over your career and more reason for your future employer to hire you. Just imagine saying: “I have found you and believe you’re the right employer because you are an expert in the field I care about so much“, instead of: “I didn’t like the field I was working in so I am looking for a new opportunity“.

And perhaps you might even stay in the same “industry” or with the same employer. Knowing what you DO want will allow for a completely different conversation with the people around you.

At this point in time you may want to hold off on job switching until you get clarity on the questions above.

The silver lining

Being in a challenging work environment can certainly be hard at times. There is a silver lining though! Each challenge comes with a lesson. As the saying goes:

“The harder you fall, the higher you bounce”

Realize that the lessons you will learn in your job are made specifically for you. Maybe it’s time you learn to speak up for yourself to your boss, your team or your family. Maybe it’s time you express what really makes you happy. And perhaps it’s time to stop telling yourself lies. The lies the ego tells you about how important this position makes you look to your friends or family. You have signed the contract to your job for a reason, you have chosen this experience. What is it you are learning? What’s your silver lining? And if you know the answer to this, what will be your next step now?


Your next job will be your best job

Congratulations on making it all the way down to this part of the post, I hope it’s been insightful for you? If it has I would love to hear from you in the comments below.

One thing is for sure, there are no excuses for you now, it’s time to focus on what’s possible, on what you really want! I am positive that your next employer is dying to learn the lessons you have learned in your previous jobs. Each lesson you have learned is another reason why you would be a great addition to a new company!

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