How to make Decisions with Courage

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Let’s first agree that each of the dragons is a creation of your own mind. And let’s now agree one more thing. Some of you who read this article are being discriminated or in a less fortunate position than others. And that may or may not change. What I’m trying to suggest here is not that racism doesn’t exist, it might be harder for you than for others. But if you want to make that change and make your job a place where you enjoy every single minute. Where you generate energy and learn as you go along. Then it’s time to stop making excuses and get to it.

If you feel your dreams are getting more and more distant and the path towards your dreams seems to be fading. Your mind is blowing things out of proportion. And it’s time for you to re-look at how you treat your dragons.


Large Dragons, huge fights!

When we blow our dragons up to enormous proportions we create a huge gap between where we want to go and where we are at this moment, making it nearly impossible to reach anywhere. It’s easier to slay a lizard than a giant dragon. At the same time it takes a lot less courage to slay a lizard!

What you would like to do instead is making the gap between where you are today and where you are heading as small as possible, allowing you to ease into your most courageous steps.


Make Decisions with Courage

From my perspective as a coach there are roughly three ways to treat dragons.


#1 Head on

Facing your dragons head on is scary, and if you get through it alive the rewards are amazing! As a coach this is where I support most people. Taking a big step facing your biggest fears can be scary and at times emotional.


#2 Break it Down

The second approach takes more time and involves a constant breakdown of the dragon and it’s ‘common sense’. Ask your dragon what’s true about what it is proclaiming as truth. Keep asking the same question over and over until you find a new truth. What’s true about not enough money being available? Perhaps the money isn’t in your account? And perhaps it’s not coming in so quickly either? And perhaps there’s a way to do what you want to do with less money? And maybe you will find new ways to create money? etc. etc.

#3 Avoid
The last approach is to avoid the dragon all together. Making the dragon so insignificant that there’s no need for it to exist anymore. How? By focusing on your goals and making small steps towards them. The smaller the step the easier it will be for you to reach it. Reaching a step (early) creates the feeling you have accomplished something and will make you want to move forward to the next steps.


The next time you feel like blaming it all on not having enough courage, be sure to have a good look at your dragons and take small steps towards your goals!


Are you fighting your dragons each day? Let me know in the comments below or message me in private.


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