How I Found my Freedom

CoachMaartenChairLife is a lot less serious these days!

That’s the one way I would describe my life right now compared to my life 5 years ago.

Some time back I was a major control freak, a “NO-man” and badly in search for purpose in my life. I also had a perfect job, making good money with a company car and a promising career.

Here are some of the reasons that got me thinking of Freedom:

  • 2004: I got retrenched, the last in first out policy had me picking my nose for almost a year.
  • 2007: Didn’t get to be the Project Manager I wanted to become.
  • 2008: Pain in my body made me move closer to work.
  • 2010: I got good at my job, and didn’t enjoy most of what I was doing.
  • 2011: I started working in a new country and a new company. I quit in a confused state 5 months later.

This is just one way of looking at my career. Today this is how I choose to look at it.

  • 2004: I learned that I’m responsible for my own happiness
  • 2007: I learned that striving alone is not enough, one has to put in the work as well. (I had to learn this one a few times)
  • 2008: I learned that I am responsible for my body.
  • 2010: I learned I am a teacher.
  • 2011: I learned about what it takes for me to feel free.

The learning for me doesn’t stop now, what I do know however is that I can feel free in whatever I choose to do. Today I support Corporate Professionals finding their Freedom, Purpose and Joy in their work as well as their private life.

If you’re interested to start creating Freedom in YOUR work today, then click below to find out more about the online Video Course I have created for you.


What else should you know about me?

I love to see people grow and learn more about themselves, I light up when you get that spark in your eyes and realize something major about yourself. I’m also a bit of nerd, I love tech-stuff. Besides that you can find me in the Kiara Hills (Kuala Lumpur) each Thursday morning where I hike up to find inspiration and bring space in my head. Part of my inspiration comes from my 1 year old son who manages to challenge me on an almost daily basis. Oh yeah, I’m also a Certified Coach with CTI (Coach Training Institute). If you’re interested to talk feel free to shoot me a message through one of the below channels.

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